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Safety Gear Hub store is to provide a convenient and reliable platform for individuals and business to access and purchase a wide range of safety gear and equipment.

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We are one of the top business-to-business provider of safety products. We are safety equipment supplier that specializes in catering customer needs by delivering them the right products at the best possible prices in order to build a long-term relationship.


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We’re consistently reliable, extremely flexible, can adapt to our customer’s unique requirements, and offer innovative solutions. Consequently, we think it is vital to make sure that our clients receive probably the best quality in every single material they require to buy safety equipments in Uganda.We’re proudly one of the top organizations in the area of  Safety Equipment Suppliers in Uganda. We’ve been in this specific area for the past 7 years. We’re one of  Kampala’s leading safety supplies specialize the protection of the folks and property. Our dedicated team of professionals that are qualified is simply a call away for the maintenance or perhaps in the eventuality of an emergency. It ensure the smooth function of the different Safety Equipment in Kampala .

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PPE stands for personal protective equipment. PPE means any device or appliance designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against one or more health and safety hazards.

PPE are special coverings designed to protect dental health care personnel (DHCP) from exposure to or contact with infectious agents. These include gloves, face masks, protective eyewear, face shields, and protective clothing (e.g., reusable or disposable gown, jacket, lab coat). PPE can also prevent microorganisms from spreading from DHCP to patients.

Some common standards of safety helmets are listed in Chapter 6.2 of the publication ‘Guidance Notes on the Selection, Use and Maintenance of Safety HelmetsThis link will open in a new window‘ (PDF) and some common standards of safety shoes are listed in the following table.


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