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Rain Coat(Yellow)

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Raincoats, also known as rain jackets or waterproof coats, are protective outerwear garments specifically designed to keep the wearer dry in rainy or wet weather conditions. They are typically made from waterproof or water-resistant materials and feature certain design elements to prevent water penetration.



  • Waterproofing: Raincoats are designed to repel water, keeping the wearer dry during rainfall. The waterproof materials and construction techniques, such as sealed seams and waterproof zippers, help to minimize water penetration.
  • Hood: Most raincoats have an attached hood that provides protection for the head and keeps it dry. The hood is typically adjustable, allowing the wearer to customize the fit and coverage.
  • Closures: Raincoats often have front closures, such as buttons, zippers, or snaps, to seal the coat and prevent water from entering through the front opening. These closures are usually reinforced or covered to enhance water resistance.
  • Pockets: Raincoats may feature pockets with closures, allowing the wearer to store small items while keeping them protected from moisture.
  • Breathability: Some raincoats are designed to be breathable, allowing moisture and perspiration to escape from the inside while still preventing water from entering from the outside. This helps to regulate body temperature and prevent discomfort caused by trapped moisture.



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