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Cargo belt


Made of steel and polyster and aids in fixing goods during transportation, moving, shipping and storage,they lock goods toughly and tightly so that goods dont fall off.



Orange polyester cargo lashing belt with hook; 10mtr size/capacity 2ton.High capacity cargo lashing Belt Ratchet tie down strap cargo lashing belt is used to fix goods during transportation, moving, shipping and storage. They lock the goods tightly so that goods will not fall off. It is safe, reliable,easy to operate cargo lashing belt to protect goods from damage.It saves time and effort. Cargo lashing belt can be operated by one person,it can hold heavy load and easy to unload, it can be tied instantly and never fall off.No damage to goods. cargo lashing belt is a kind of fat Ribbon made from fiber materials, the force point is spread so that is soft.


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