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durable and beautiful helmet making it comfortable for use protecting users from injuries incase of accidents,



Slim And Light Weight Design One of the most important features of a quality helmet is that you hardly know it’s there protecting your head. This Helmet has a slimmer design and building a distinct line into the side of the helmet that also serves as an accent. As a result, This Helmet is much comfortable than any other Snell certified helmet yet strong enough to protect your head in case of any emergency while taking your ride.
It is obvious and clear that this is not the right time of sharing helmets, do not try to escape the frying pan (injury) and fall/land into the fiery furnace (Covid-19) stay safe and away from risk by getting your self this kind of helmet that was particularly made and designed for you alone! Safety first! This helmet is easy to wear as it was designed with only one safety under-chin/ under beard adjustable safety belt. you can adjust the belt to suit your preference. The effect of on-road wind, dirt, sand, dust on your ears, hair, eyes, skin and nose will go relatively unnoticed since its soft interior is there to suit head-fitting whatsoever in addition to the open-close flap transparent front cover. The ventilation thereon/therein lowers heat congestion that would easily result into head sweating, dosing and screen mist.




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