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Reflector double color


This jacket is a crucial safety garment that enhances visibility and reduces the risk of accidents or collisions in low-light or dark environments. By incorporating fluorescent colors and reflective materials, it ensures that the wearer stands out and can be easily identified, promoting safety in a wide range of professions and activities.



A reflector jacket, also known as a reflective jacket or high-visibility jacket, is a garment designed to enhance the visibility and safety of the wearer, particularly in low-light or dark conditions. It incorporates reflective materials or panels that reflect light back towards its source, making the wearer more easily seen by others, such as motorists or pedestrians.

The main purpose of a reflector jacket is to increase the visibility of the wearer, reducing the risk of accidents or collisions. It is commonly worn by individuals who work in hazardous environments, such as construction workers, road maintenance crews, cyclists, and emergency responders. Reflective jackets are also popular among runners and joggers who exercise during early morning or late evening hours when natural light is limited.

The design of a reflector jacket typically includes fluorescent or brightly colored fabric, often in shades of orange, yellow, or lime green. These colors are highly conspicuous, even in dimly lit conditions. In addition, the jacket features strategically placed reflective strips or panels made of retroreflective materials.

Retroreflective materials are specifically engineered to redirect light back to its source, such as the headlights of a vehicle. This ensures that the wearer is visible from various angles and distances, improving their chances of being noticed by others. The reflective strips or panels on the jacket are usually positioned on the torso, back, shoulders, and sleeves to provide maximum visibility from different directions.

Reflector jackets may also include other safety features such as adjustable fasteners, breathable fabrics, and additional pockets for storage. They are often designed to be lightweight and comfortable, allowing the wearer to move freely and perform their tasks without hindrance.


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